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Danielle at The Hive - 11 Jan 2007

These photos show Danielle getting her hair cut by Carla Brown so she can donate it to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign (a charity which gives wigs to cancer patients).

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Danielle arriving at The Hive salon on Deweese Street


Danielle waiting inside The Hive, Lexington KY, 40508


This ponytail will soon be gone


20070111d - Pantene Beautiful Lengths
Reading the requirements for a ponytail donation to Beautiful Lengths


Carla Brown demonstrating the correct way to grab a ponytail


looking for some haircut action?
Danielle getting a haircut
VIDEO: see Carla cutting off Danielle's long hair!


Scalp massages are easier when hair is shorter


20070111g - shampoo
Shampooing is easier when hair is shorter


20070111h - Carla Brown
Carla teaching Danielle how to blow-dry her shorter hair


Carla practices her latest kung fu trick on Danielle


Everyone is happy that the long hair is gone